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Messi also created a miracle
Posted by: futshop ()
Date: July 11, 2017 10:03PM

Messi also created a miracle!

America's Cup semi-final Argentina Zaiyu Paraguay, the tango Legion didn't upset occurred, Rojo, Pastore halftime break, Mary in the second half may open two degrees, Aguero, Higuain icing on the cake, 6-1 victory over Argentina, Mei Xisui didn't score, but staged a hat trick, this is his career in Argentina for the first time wearing a fifa 18 ps coins .

8 years of the 0 ball games? The official game of sport for more than 800 minutes? Still have people think "Messi Argentina's Lionel Messi", but at the age of 28, the national team more than 100 resume Messi is not bothered. In Messi's eyes, the team's victory, the most important trophy. This is a mature attitude, Messi more confident, more calm, no matter into the goal, he is not an alternative to the core and leadership.

In the first half of Argentina 2-0 easily ahead of fifa 18 ps3 coins Paraguay, Messi didn't score, but Tango Legion all threats to attack are Messi launched, 14 minutes Rojo scramble score is Messi's penalty on the left side of the free kick. After the left foot arc around the high precision flea, after stopping fire into rojo. The 26th minute, Messi sent precise straight plug, Pastore duck 1 defense, line of area right foot low shot corner broke.

Argentina's fourth ball, but also shows the super Messi's personal ability. Messi from the centre circle suddenly start steals, flashed Paraguayan defender Victor Caceres tackles, face a double whammy, Messi clever wearing crotch extraordinary, will tall Zhongwei teasing in the stock palm, is more funny. Two Paraguayan defender also embarrassed hit together! Messi ball to the left side of the Pastoret, Paris Qianyao shot was blocked, Di Maria easily broke the tip. When the angels scored second goals, holding Messi, the head of the kiss. Although this is not the Messi assists, but Messi steals, people wear, crotch, ball, play a key role.

Look at Messi incredible 90 minutes: 3 assists Rojo, fifa 18 ps4 coins Pastore, Higuain benefit; his steals, extraordinary, the ball, Mary instigated by the goal. Messi sent five key passes (team a total of 12 times), six extraordinary success (team a total of 10 times), as a central midfielder, Messi is really too good. Out: shortage? Messi does not care, he is the real MVP!BY here now... well done! come to futshop for more fifa 18 coin!

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