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Palm oil refining equipment - plate and frame filter
Posted by: concretemixer ()
Date: October 11, 2017 09:30PM

Palm oil refining equipment - plate and frame filter
1, the moisture in the oil part of the water there are several parts: First,
the oil contained in the water and clean up when the water into the water; Second,
the process of transport directly into the water, or crude oil phospholipids,
protein and other pro Water material into the water; Third, the oil squeeze process into the water.
What are the effects of these fats on the production of refined oil equipment?
The moisture in the crude oil breakfast frosted corn cereal processing lineoften forms a water-in-oil system with the fat and oil composition.
The milky system will of course affect the clarity and color of the grease produced by the
oil refining equipment, the new palm oil machine, and the stability of the system to be investigated,
the supply of palm oil machine is not conducive to the storage of refined oil.
Grease equipment in the refining of how to remove the water? Oil refining equipment production often use
atmospheric or vacuum heating method to remove water, the use of water and grease boiling point of different
characteristics, palm oil machine wholesale, to achieve the water purpose. Production often used atmospheric
or vacuum heating method to remove water, atmospheric pressure dehydration easily lead to increased oil peroxide value,
less than the pressure of dehydration dehydration obtained from the oil stability.
2, solid impurities, the source of solid impurities are: oil processing is not filtered clean oil residue;
oil in the absence of clean solid impurities, such as gravel, weeds, plant fiber, etc .; oil extraction equipment into
the oil when mixed Some mechanical impurities. atomatic corn puff food extruder machinesThese impurities are generally suspended in the grease, which intuitively
affects the transparency of the grease, the main is the impact of oil grade assessment and quality. Of course,
solid impurities will also affect the refining process of oil refining equipment, for example, is not conducive to transport.

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