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Sliding window
Posted by: concretemixer ()
Date: October 09, 2017 08:50PM

Sliding window
Xin Lin sliding window
Sliding window is simple, beautiful, safe, reliable, long life, open in a plane, take up less space, easy to install the screen window Wait.
Currently using the most is the sliding window. The disadvantage is that two windows can not be opened at the same time, can only open up half of
the ventilation is relatively poor; sometimes the sealing is also slightly worse. Sliding window: points around, up and down two kinds of push and pull.
Sliding windows do not occupy the advantages of indoor space, beautiful appearance, price economy, good sealing. Using high-grade slide, gently push, open flexible.
Coupled with large pieces of glass, both to increase the indoor lighting, but also improve the overall shape of the building. Slippers of the force state is good,
not easy to damage, but the ventilation area by a certain limit.
Hanging downhorizontal opean style extruded pvc profiles
Scarlett inside the window
Hanging under the window This is later appeared in a kind of aluminum alloy, steel window. It is in the flat window on the basis of the development of new forms. It has two ways to open,
can be flat open, but also from the top of the open. When the window is closed, the upper part of the window can be opened, and a gap of about ten centimeters can be opened.
That is, the window can be opened from above, and the open part is suspended in the air and hinged to the window frame , So called the suspension.
Its advantages are: both ventilation, custom pvc profiles/customized hard plastic profiles extrusionbut also to ensure safety, because there are hinges, the window can only open ten centimeters of the seam,
from the outside hand does not come in, especially for no one at home when used. This function has not only limited to the open window, sliding window can also be open to open.

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